Catering F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions - Catering Q&A

We are halal certificate provider, exclusively certified by JAKIM and registered with Ministry of Finance (MOF). We are the pioneer for halal certified catering company in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

For catering order of 100pax and above, we will provide cutleris and professional waiters.

Buffet Catering = 100 pax to 5000pax
Banquet/Association Catering = 200 pax to 5000pax (equivalent to +- from 20 tables)
Centerpiece Catering = 10 sets to 100set+-
Individual Serving = 100 pax to 300pax+-

Order less than our minimum order requirement, please contact our hotline number: +60162521504

Depending on the venue’s requirements, we are able to send our chefs to cook at the venue.

Only certain dishes are suitable to be served warm.

For buffet catering, the ratio of portions per pax is 1:1 meaning the order will match the number of pax.

note : normaly we give extra 10% from number of order.

We do not provide additional food/ingredients and the portion size will be as per the order.
Any additional request for dishes has to be informed 14 days prior to the event so that we have sufficient time to prepare the ingredients. Before 14days from the event Additional double charge will be in.
note: Any additional request for dishes has to be informed 30days before event.

No, we do not provide takeaway containers or plastic bags. To ensure the quality of food and safety of consumption, it is recommended to dispose of the food that is left at room temperature for more than 4 hours after serving.

Depending on the number of pax ordered, our serving staff will be provided based on no. of pax. Any additional staff will incur a RM150 fee per staff/8 hours. (6hrs for event and +-2hrs before and after event)

Our staff will ensure that all trash is removed from the venue location.

Our catering package provides ice cubes (10kg+-) based on the pax order.

We offer food tasting. For Buffet Catering and Centerpiece Selection order or any catering package with 5 to 10pax food testing,

note : you can order our Party Pack (link)

We serve vegetarian options as per request. Please contact us for more information.

Organiser is advised to get approval in advance from the Building Management / Security Department / Local Legal Enforcement of the premise in which the event is to be held.

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